What Is The Standard Bookmark Size?

If you know the standard bookmark size, you can easily make your own personalized bookmarks. Bookmark is a handy and essential tool for heavy readers! It helps them to keep track of their reading. Most people often wonder what is the standard size of a bookmark. Anybody can design a bookmark for a book. In today’s post, I will reveal the standard size of a bookmark.

What Is The Standard Bookmark Size?

The standard bookmark size is 2” by 6” which is perfect for small softcover books. Most bookmark manufacturers choose this standard bookmark size in inches to target more leisurely readers. 

However, 2” x 7” and 2” x 8” are also other bookmark sizes. Such bookmarks are perfect for larger booklets like text books, training books, and other educational materials. With these dimensions, you can easily target students, professionals, teachers, and other formal audiences.

Whereas the standard bookmark size in cm measures around 5.08 cm by 15.24 cm. On the other hand, the standard bookmark size in mm is about 50.8 mm x 152.40 mm.

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Other Bookmark Standard Sizes

Sometimes, readers need a bookmark that can hold twice the amount of pages compared to a normal sized bookmark. You can choose a long vertical bookmark in this case. A longer bookmark usually measures about 2” x 7” / 5.08 cm x 17.78 cm / 50.8 mm x 177.80 mm.

You can even purchase an infographic bookmark of size 2” x 8”. This type of bookmark can also hold larger amount of pages. On an infographic bookmark, you’ll see small information on any topic.

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How Long And Wide Are Bookmarks?

There is not one correct size for a bookmark, but many are about 1 ½ inches wide by 5 or 6 inches tall.

How Many Bookmarks Can I Fit On A4 Paper?

I typically fit five bookmark images onto a single A4 page. Spacing the images with a single blank line (6 point Times New Roman) provides just the right amount of white space as a white border around each bookmark, if, when cutting out the bookmarks, you cut in the centre of this blank line.

How Thick Should A Wood Bookmark Be?

With a variety of colors and thicknesses, determine the order you want, the final thickness should be 1 – 1 ½ inches.

How Long Should A Ribbon Bookmark Be?

Cut strips of ribbon between 18″ and 22″ long. The length of your ribbons is determined by the size of book you want to use with your bookmark. For the ribbon bookmarks I made here, I used 18″ strips of ribbon and they fit a small sized book. For larger books, use longer strips of ribbon.

What Is The Standard Size For Bookmarks?

The standard size of a bookmark is 2 × 6 in.

What Size Is A Large Bookmark?

Long Vertical Bookmark Size
A longer bookmark should be sized at 2 × 7 in, 5.08 × 17.78 cm, or 50.80 × 177.80 mm. This type of bookmark can hold a bigger set of images or pictures and can host twice the amount of sentences when compared to a normal or average-sized bookmark.

What Is The Standard Bookmark Size UK?

Standard UK size – 52 x 148mm.


In the above post, I’ve discussed everything about what size is a standard bookmark. A standard size bookmark usually measures 2” by 6”. Bookmarks are great for gifting purposes especially when it is printed and laminated. Remember that bookmarks come in different sizes and shapes. After knowing the standard bookmark size, you can easily make a bookmark for yourself.

What is the average bookmark

What size is a book bookmark?