What Is The Standard Size Pillow?

If you know the standard size pillow, you can easily create your dream bed. People get confused a lot about which pillow is right for their bed. Today, I’ll tell you what size is a standard pillow. Here, I have even included dimensions for toddler, king, and queen pillows. You can keep on reading to find out the standard size pillow suitable for a bed in detail.

What Is The Standard Size Pillow?

The standard size pillow is around 20 inches x 26 inches. This pillow size is most suitable for twin or double beds. If you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, this standard-size pillow is perfect for you.

Other Standard Size Pillow Dimensions

There are some brands that offer a slightly larger standard size pillow known as a super standard pillow. This standard pillow size is around 20 inches x 28 inches. Therefore, they are roughly 2 inches longer than a standard bed pillow size.

Below, I have given the measurements of the king, queen, body, and toddler pillows.

  • King Size Pillow Dimensions Cm

Most people use king-size pillows on a king or California King mattress. A king-size pillow usually measures around 51 cm x 92 cm. If you are aiming to change your sleep patterns, then a good king-size pillow is for you. For this sleeping pillow, you’ll need a king-size pillowcase.

  • Queen Size Pillow Dimensions Cm

Just like the name, a queen-size pillow works well on a queen mattress. The size of this standard pillow measures around 51 cm x 76 cm. However, these pillows easily fit in a standard-size pillowcase. So, you don’t have to purchase a separate pillow cover for this pillow.

  • Toddler Size Pillow Dimensions Cm

The standard size pillow for toddlers measures around 33.02 cm x 45.72 cm. This pillow size is perfect for toddlers 2 to 3 years. However, you might need to buy a separate pillowcase for this pillow.

  • Body Pillow Dimensions Cm

Very few people use body pillows. These pillows are the longest out of all the above-mentioned pillows. The size of a standard body pillow measures around 51 cm x 137 cm.

Different Types Of Pillows

However, the standard pillowcase size in cm is around 50.8 to 53.34 cm x 76.2 to 81.28 cm. Both the standard and super standard pillow can easily fit into this standard size pillowcase.

Different Types Of Pillows

Here, I have listed down different types of pillows designed for every sleeping position.

  • Down Pillow: Best suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers.
  • Down Alternative Pillow: Best suitable for back and side sleepers
  • Feather Pillow: Best suitable for back and side sleepers.
  • Cotton Pillow: Best suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers.
  • Latex Pillow: Best suitable for side and back sleepers.

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How Big Is A Standard Size Pillow?

A standard pillow is about 20 inches x 26 inches big. This type of pillow is best for side and stomach sleepers.

Are Standard And Queen Pillows The Same Size?

No, the standard and queen pillows are not of the same size. Usually, queen pillows are longer than a standard pillow.

What Is The Standard Throw Pillow Size?

The size of a standard throw pillow is about 18 inches x 18 inches and 20 inches x 20 inches.

What Is The Standard Pillow Size In The US?

The US’s standard pillow size is about 20” x 20”. These pillows are mostly paired with twin or double beds.

Are All Pillows A Standard Size?

No, all pillows are not available in a standard size. Pillows are available in unique dimensions suitable for different types of sleepers.

Do Queen Pillows Fit In Standard Cases?

Yes, queen pillows can easily fit in standard cases. The size of a pillowcase is 20-21 inches x 30-32 inches. And queen-size pillow measures 20 inches x 30 inches.

Is It Better To Sleep With A Thin Or Thick Pillow?

Side sleepers do best with a relatively firm, thick pillow that can fill the gap between the neck and shoulders. A pillow that is too thin may not keep the neck and head level with the spine, and a very thick pillow can be just as problematic if it tilts the head up at a very high angle.

What Type Of Pillows Do 5 Star Hotels Use?

Most hotels’ luxury pillows are filled with 100% goose down. I’d sleep here! Goose down is undeniably great pillow filling. Down pillows are durable, moldable, and work reasonably well for all sleep positions.

What’s The Difference Between Standard And Queen Pillow?

The Queen gives an extra 4 inches to its length compared to the Standard pillow. This size is also a great option for those who move around during the night. It should be noted that Queen pillows do not have their own pillow case size. Most often they need to be custom ordered or placed in a Super Standard pillow case.

What Size Pillow Is Best For Your Neck?

Body size and preference are likely to influence pillow size, but usually the pillow should maintain a height of 4 to 6 inches to support the head and neck (and shoulders when lying on the back).

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With the help of my above article, you got to know what is the size of a standard pillow. Standard pillows help us to get that well-deserved beauty sleep. There is no need to spend a lot of time selecting a new pillow for your bed. The standard size pillow in inches is around 20 inches x 26 inches. You can now easily pick out your perfect pillow by knowing the standard size pillow.


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