What Is The Standard Door Frame Size?

All homeowners should know the standard door frame size as the door is the first impression of your home. There are so many different door sizes and configurations available in the market. It is important to figure out the right standard-size door frame which suits your home or office. In today’s post, I will discuss what is the standard size of a door frame.

What Is The Standard Door Frame Size?

Generally, the standard door frame size is 80 inches x 36 inches (2030 mm x 910 mm). A door frame is a structure that supports a door while opening it. It contains two vertical jambs and a horizontal lintel or head jamb. However, it can also be slightly larger about 82 x 38 inches with a rough opening. 

Remember that this standard door frame size in mm can vary depending on several factors. This includes the height of the doors, the type of doors, and more. Now, you must be wondering what is the standard door frame size in feet. The size of the door frame in feet is about 6 feet 8 inches x 3 feet 96 inches. Some manufacturer print the standard door frame size in meters also.

You can keep on reading further to know more about standard door dimensions.

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Other Important Door Measurements

Apart from the door frame size, the following are the other important measurements you have to consider.

  • Height: The standard height of most American household doors is about 80 inches or 6 feet 7 inches tall. 
  • Width: 24 and 35 inches or 3 feet is the most common standard door width. This measurement is important as it will determine the size of the door jamb.
  • Door Jamb: A Door jamb is a frame around a door that is about 4 9/16 inches wide by 6 9/16 inches tall.

Different Types Of Doors And Their Measurements

There are various types of doors used while constructing a house or a building. In this section, I’ve listed different types of doors including the standard door size in feet.


Door Type Sizes in feet
Standard entrance door size 7 feet x 3 feet 7 feet x 3.5 feet 7 feet x 4 feet 8 feet x 3 feet
Standard bedroom door size in feet 7 feet x 2.6 feet 7 feet x 3 feet 7 feet x 3.5 feet
Standard bathroom door size 7 feet x 2.5 feet 7 feet x 2.75 feet


The standard door size in cm is 197 cm in height and 80 cm in width. In the UK, the internal door size ranges from 78” x 33”. It is the most suitable door size for regular movement inside or outside.

However, the standard door size in India for the main entrance is 36” x 84” and 42” x 84”. For the living room, hall, and bedroom the door size is 36” x 84” and 36” x 96”. Whereas for the bathroom and toilet, the door size is 30” x 84” and 33” x 84”.

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What Is The Standard UK Door Size?

By far the most popular standard door widths in the UK are 762mm (or 30 inches) and 838mm (33 inches). A door width measuring 838mm are more commonly used in modern buildings, as they comply with regulations for disability access.

Are Door Frames Different Sizes?

The standard size for a door frame is 762mm in width. However, there technically isn’t a standard size – unlike the standard sizes for doors. Door frames are slightly different in that they’re customised from building to building.

What Size Rough Opening Do I Need For A Door?

For a Single door, the rough opening should be 2-1/2 inches wider and 2 inches taller than the nominal dimensions of the door slab you measured earlier. Example: If you have a 36 x 80 door, your rough opening should be 38-1/2″ wide x 82″ tall.

Can You Replace Just A Door Frame?

Can You Replace Just a Door Frame? It is definitely possible to replace an old door frame without replacing the entire door leaf as well. You may need to be a little bit more careful in lining items like the strike plate up, as you won’t be able to adjust this on the door itself.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Wooden Door Frame?


Is A 32 Inch Door Common?

The standard door width can vary, since there is a ton of variety in sizes and styles of doors. But the standard common door width for US homes is 36 inches. Other very easy-to-find sizes are 30 and 32 inches.

What Is Standard Framing For Interior Door?

The standard door size for interior door frames is 80 inches by 32 inches, but the width can vary between 28 and 36 inches. Make sure you have the exact measurements of your particular door from edge to edge.


The ideal size of the standard door frame is about 80 inches x 36 inches. When it comes to the standard interior door frame size, the measurements are the same. These dimensions can vary depending on how tall the doors are and the type of door. Once you know the standard door frame size, you can find a door frame that fits your needs and budget!

How do I know my door frame size

What is the standard size of a door frame?