The Ultimate Video Production Equipment Checklist

Video Production is an exciting process but also extremely technical. It requires a team of experts to work on numerous planning, shooting, and editing layers, and the list does not end. To have everything streamlined perfectly and to produce the best results, every video production company needs premium quality video equipment if the goal is to produce videos of high quality. Especially when it comes to state-of-the-art video production companies, they invest in advanced equipment so that their work is not compromised and they give the best results. 

One such company is Shift Dynamics. Their primary goal is to provide world-class video and film production. Based in Nashville, Shift Dynamics has worked with top brands like Ford, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Spotify, etc. they have also used their video equipment for blockbuster movies like Dune and Thor. From commercials to movies, Shift Dynamics covers every area of video production, be it commercials or high-budget movies. Having the benefit of using advanced video equipment, shift Dynamics has set the bar very high for top-quality video making.

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Video Equipment Checklist for Top Quality Video Production

With every passing year, we see advancements in every aspect of life. Technology, particularly, has progressed much faster than anything else. Every day there is a new creation, gadget, or idea to be executed. Video production has improved, with better resolution, advanced effects, and a grander cinematic experience. All this is credited to the advancement of video equipment. From basic cameras to robots, video making has become faster and clearer. Shift Dynamics is one of those companies which use premium quality equipment and also rent it out so that the video-making experience does not fall short anywhere. Regarding state-of-the-art companies, video equipment has to be of supreme quality. Other than having the everyday essentials, some equipment has changed the entire video production experience. 


Vehicles have become an essential part of video equipment. You need strong gear to capture the moment perfectly and timely when shooting moving shots. This saves a lot of time, and there is less pressure on editing the nitty gritty. Tour visuals turn out amazing, giving the real feel you were aiming for. Videos and films nowadays have a real-life appeal that can only achieve if you have the right gear. Shift Dynamics has everything if you do not possess the right equipment. All the equipment can easily be rented, making your project hassle free. For example, when car advertisements are shot, you require a strong focus on the product, which can only be achieved with camera cars. These cars include the Mercedes ML63, Chevy Silverado Trail Boss, and Can-Am Maverick X3, which Shift Dynamics also uses. 


Video production is a time taking process. To make it faster and easier, robots have been of great help. Instead of someone holding the camera constantly and not getting the right shot, robots keep the camera still. They are also used for mobility, but the most important factor is that your shot can never be hazy. It can be captured on the spot without any movement. Even moving shots can be taken with precision. Examples of robots used are Mia Cinema Robot and Colossus Cinema Robot, giving you the perfect shot with less effort. 

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Agito is a dolly system that roams freely without having any remote system. It is mainly used to have camera movements without any hazy shots. They are swift and make video capturing swift and upgrades. These mechanical geniuses can speed up the process and give you world-class results. Shift Dynamics has been using this equipment for a grander video production experience. It has Agito Sports and Agito Trax, each having its exquisite properties. These are not even available so easily, and Shift Dynamics is one of those few entities which possesses this top-quality video equipment. Thus, making it one of the best businesses producing remarkable video results.


Another important piece of equipment is technocrane which is a need more than a want for video production. It is highly necessary to have silent and smooth shots with uniformity. The best part about having technocare is that it is compact so moving it around is easier and very convenient. 

Video Assist

Video-making equipment requires not only one but numerous pieces altogether to get the ultimate result. Video assist requires two main things, which Shift Dynamics also works with. One is Ovide, and the other one is multi-cam flyback. They both help in making the video quality a bar higher. Ovide records and plays back the shots taken, which helps you go back and choose what you want to keep and what needs more editing before the final accumulation. Multi-cam flyback is like a console that can be carried around easily and assists during band performances or any event. 

Cameras and Their Support System

You cannot expect to run the entire show with only basic video equipment. As important as high-definition cameras, their supportive gear is equally essential. There are all sorts of systems, wireless equipment, lenses, and monitors which assist the video-making process so that the result is nothing less than perfect. Just like you need a team of people to come together and work efficiently on some projects to produce the best results, these support systems also work together for an exquisite video-making experience. 

Grip and Electric 

Grip and electric are separate technical departments that help set everything up and manage it while operating and maintaining. They are not actual equipment but major support to the camera and the video production. Without them, the director’s shots and production smooth will all be in a frenzy. 


These state-of-the-art products will not only help you get a high-definition, premium product but also save a lot of time. Possessing all of them can be too costly, but nothing is undoable with the right hammer on the nail. Until then, Shift Dynamics can be your one-stop solution to all video-making and equipment problems. Their specialization in giving top-notch service has landed them goodwill and a lot of success. Thus, video equipment investment results in nothing but world-class results. If you are still in two minds, now is the time to make the right decision!