Car Dealership Canopies & Hail Protection Structures


How can you ensure your car storage facility is the best option for your potential customers? How can you convince your current customers that their cars are shielded from whatever mother nature may throw at you? WeatherSolve Structures is ready to assist in providing an answer to that question that may be on your mind. WeatherSolve structures offer hail canopies and hail structures for automobile storage lots to assist in guarding against damaging hail, weather, UV light, and other factors. This is the answer you have been looking for to safeguard your company.

Eliminating possible damage from unpredictable weather is crucial for businesses such as car dealerships. Nature can be unpredictable on a good day, providing gorgeous sunshine one minute and pelting us with rain or, worse yet, hail the next. Hailstorms can result in significant damage and exorbitant restoration bills unless you have a hail canopy. 

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Benefits of WeatherSolve’s Hail Canopies

Let’s first look at the benefits of a WeatherSolve Structures hail canopy. WeatherSolve Structures has designed a special line of hail canopies for auto dealers that are both retractable and permanent. Our systems are specifically designed to fit your particular situation. This means you get a solution that provides the best hail protection for your car. The hail canopy is strong enough to shield automobiles from baseball-sized hail without sustaining damage, providing the best hail protection for your car.

Furthermore, WeatherSolve hail constructions can also withstand heavy winds. At WeatherSolve, we take the time to talk to our clients to construct a hail canopy that is properly tailored to their demands and environmental considerations. We also ensure that these hail canopies are compatible with pre-existing infrastructure, therefore taking time to understand all the needs and creating custom WeatherSolve Structures with Hail Protection for your Cars. 

Our structures are different from those of our competitors, and the main reason is that we focus on the needs of our customer’s businesses and their customers. With our structures, we take great care in preserving your company’s branding, ensuring that your brand is always at the forefront. And lastly, our hail canopies are easy to maintain. Thanks to our specialized knowledge, creative solutions, comprehensive testing, and substantial real-world hail protection experience of over 35 years and in a wide range of circumstances, WeatherSolve can accomplish this feat in no time!

The advantage of installing a hail net is great savings. Each year, hail causes damage worth millions of dollars. It takes months to receive insurance money, and it might not even cover all the bills. The hail net reduces insurance costs and keeps them reasonable. Moreover, it helps you sleep peacefully, knowing you are provided with the best hail protection for your car.

What happens when cars at the dealership get damaged during hailstorms? The dealers file claims with the insurance company that insures the inventory. Following this, they repair those vehicles that fall in the capacity to be repaired; otherwise, the dealers sell them at a hail sale. Now, the dealers are faced with a loss, which the insurance company backs up. You can avoid this whole process altogether by installing WeatherSolve Structures hail canopy, which works more efficiently than the usual hail protection systems. 

The options are a tent and a WeatherSolve hail canopy. The problem with installing a tent is that there is no protection against windblown hail. Therefore, exposing the inventory to storms that can damage the vehicle is another issue that arises along with the space problem. As most of the space is taken up for the poles, less space is allocated for the car. The use of tents is inefficient, as it does not have spare space for consumer parking either. And lastly, with tents, an unattractive shadow is cast over the cars, which deters consumers. 

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Whereas with WeatherSolve Structures hail canopy, it is equipped with Side hail protection from the top for when the wind doesn’t cooperate, safeguarding the vehicle from all directions. Not only this, but it allows natural light to shine through so you can show off your cars, attracting consumers to your vehicles. At WeatherSolve structures, the canopy provides full lot coverage, optimized to create space for all your inventory. It also has the least number of poles, which can provide the best hail protection for your car. Furthermore, with the perfect optimization and customization based on your needs, the canopy can be built to any height to match tall vehicles such as RVs and trucks, should they be required. The canopy has a dedicated extra protected space for emergency storm parking. With the WeatherSolve structures, keep your fleet safe. 

As a secondary benefit, a canopy will protect against the wind. With a flat canopy and peripheral side curtains on the windy sides, WeatherSolve Structures canopies give a sheltering effect. A covered area is filtered to a light breeze underneath due to the canopy’s ability to make the quicker wind slide over the surface—a more constant temperature. The cloth offers about 20% shade to moderate summer’s sweltering temperatures. The protection will allow the heat kept in the asphalt overnight to last longer on chilly days, especially chilly and windy ones. This results partly from a reduction in the wind and partly from reflection. This will result in a milder climate under the canopy. The chilly days will be warmer, and the hot days will be cooler.


To save your dealership vehicles from hail damage, it is better to visit the WeatherSolve Structures team and create a custom hail canopy for yourself. It is a 6-step process that consists of clarification of hail protection needs. Then step 2 is Preliminary design. You are followed by step 3, which is the foundation and permitting checks. Step 4 is Detailed Design, Step 5 is Fabrication, and Step 6 is Installation. This entire process takes around 20 weeks. Protecting your car dealership is important, especially if you get hailstorms. WeatherSolve can protect your property with its products. 

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