What Is The Standard Movie Poster Size?

Many people want to know the standard movie poster size to get a clear idea of how big should a poster be. We all know posters come in various sizes and depend on the type and use. This includes movie posters, concert posters, and so on. In today’s post, I will discuss everything you need to know about what is a standard movie poster size.

What Is The Standard Movie Poster Size?

The standard movie poster size is about 27 inches x 40 inches. This type of poster is mostly used inside cinemas to promote new films. Movie posters are printed in a number of different sizes and shapes. However, this size was actually larger about 27 inches x 41 inches in the 1980s. But now the posters do not have to measure exactly 27 x 40 inches or 27 x 41 inches.

Movie poster size is also known as One-Sheet. Another standard size for a movie poster is 40 x 60 inches (101 x 152 cm). These posters usually include large text and high-quality colorful graphics. This size is ideal for advertising at bus stops and subway stops. However, the ratio of this movie poster size is 2:3.

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Common Movie Poster Sizes In Inches

After knowing what is the average size movie poster, it’s important to learn more about the different types of posters. Here, I’ve mentioned a few standard poster sizes.

  1. Letter Size

This is the tiniest format used as a poster and measures about 8.5 x 11 inches. It is closest to the A4 paper sheet size. You can use it for decorative purposes such as school announcements and lamppost ads.

  1. Bulletin Poster

The size of the bulletin poster is a bit larger and equals the standard A3. This poster size measures about 11 x 17 inches. They are perfect for indoor display, bathrooms, and waiting rooms, and for printing classroom rules and midterm results!

  1. Mini Poster

There is an inch difference between a bulletin and mini posters. Mini posters usually are 12 x 18 inches. They are widely used in the printing of calendars, decorative prints, and bedroom-size movie posters.

  1. Medium Poster

A medium-sized poster is ideal for shop windows, undergrounds, food trucks, coffee shops, and other places. These posters are about 18 x 24 inches in size. You can even use medium posters for outdoor and promotional purposes.

  1. Concert Poster

Concert posters are also known as large and Architectural size D posters. The poster size of 24 x 36 inches is great for venue concerts, outside a bar, theatre, mall, and several busy locations. You can even use it for local AMC movie posters.

  1. Bus Stop Billboard

A bus stop billboard poster measures about 47 x 71 inches. This sizing is often used in railway stations, underground, and outdoor advertising. Choosing this type of poster gives you an opportunity to get creative with the design!

  1. Roadside Billboard

Roadside billboard is one of the most significant print sizes which are located in high-traffic areas. The average size of a roadside billboard is 480 x 120 inches. You can easily find such posters in the city center, on highways, on busy streets, and more.

Now, I hope you’ve understood the standard movie poster size and other poster sizes. Make sure you also pay attention to the design and your message to make your poster impressive and memorable!

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How Big Is An IMAX Poster?

Ford V Ferrari IMAX Movie Poster Size 24″x36 Inches – An Authentic PosterOffice Print with Holographic Sequential Numbering. Your poster is produced using the best quality OEM archival inks which are guaranteed to last 200 years.

Is IMAX A Standard Size?

The size of IMAX screens varies wildly from location to location with the biggest being an unimaginably large 144 by 75 ft. On average, however, these screens are typically somewhere closer to 52 by 72 feet.

Why Is IMAX So Much Better?

Clarity, detail and size make IMAX more than a movie. Our remastering — or DMR — process fully transforms every frame of a film to produce the best possible version of a filmmaker’s vision. Two projectors run simultaneously to provide the perfect image with a balance of warmth and sharpness.

Do You Wear 3D Glasses In A 4D Movie?

Do you have to wear 3D glasses for a 4DX film screening? The 4DX experience takes place in a special auditorium at the Kinepolis cinema: thanks to its hinged seats and adapted environment, it plunges the viewers into the universe of the film. However, if the film is not presented in 3D, you don’t need to wear glasses.

Is 24×36 A Standard Poster Size?

Standard Poster Size

The most commonly used sizes for posters are 18” x 24”, 24” x 36” and 27” x 40”.

How Big Is A Full Size Poster?

24×36 | 27×40
The large poster printing sizes allow passersby to comprehend your information at a glance. If you’re looking to create a movie poster like you see at the mall or theater, 27×40 is the standard movie poster size.

What Is The Typical Poster Size In Europe?

18” x 24” equals the European size B2. 24” x 36” equals the European size B1.


The standard movie poster size in inches is 27 x 40 inches. Earlier it was about 27 x 41 inches. Whereas the standard poster size in cm 61 x 91 cm which is great for school events and personal parties. Once you know the standard movie poster size, you can easily start your poster printing project!

What is the original size of a movie poster

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