What Is The Standard Chess Board Size?

What Is The Standard Chess Board Size?

To learn the basic geometry of chess boards, you must know the standard chess board size. The dimensions of a chess board vary by country and federation. For starters, understanding what is the standard size of a chess board is not as simple as it may sound! There are several factors you have to consider while buying a chessboard. You can keep on reading to learn more about what size is standard chess board in detail.

What Is The Standard Chess Board Size?

The standard chess board size is about 21 inches long x 21 inches wide x 0.75 inches thick. These dimensions are perfect for chess tournaments. This size of a standard chess board can vary as different countries and different authorities use different size boards and chessmen. However, the standard chessboard size in cm is 110 cm long x 85 cm wide x 1.905 cm thick. Whereas the chessboard size in mm is 1100 mm x 850 mm x 19.05 mm. Many players play chess on a smaller chess board of size 19 inches.

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Wooden Chess Board Dimensions

Beginners can easily learn the game quickly on a wooden chess board. The wooden standard chess board size and regular chess board size are the same. It measures twenty-one inches long and twenty-one inches wide. Even the thickness of this chessboard is 0.75.

Most people often wonder, is a 12-inch chess board too small. When you choose a board of this size, you won’t be able to move around and lift the players. Always go for chess boards in sizes from 16-20 inches to play the game comfortably. 

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What Is The Best Chess Board Size?

The ideal chess board would measure twenty-one inches long and wide and would be three-fourths of an inch in width. The United States Chess Federation (USCF) states that the square size of a tournament chess board should be between 2 inches and 2.5 inches, while the king’s height should be 3.375 inches to 4.5 inches.

Are All Chess Boards 8×8?

The Chess board is made up of an 8×8 grid. This grid results in 64 alternating colored squares, 32 light squares and 32 dark. The size of each individual square is identical, and the board should measure the same on all 4 sides.

Is A4 A Good Chess Opening?

Ware Opening. The Ware Opening, named after the US Chess player Preston Ware, is an uncommon opening starting with the move 1. a4. This is a very rare and useless opening as it does nothing to control the center or develop a piece.

What Is The Sharpest Opening In Chess?

The King’s Indian has always been one of the sharpest, most complex and popular openings that Black can play; it still provides the setting for many encounters at the elite level of Grandmaster chess.

What Is The Standard Size Of Chess Table In A Tournament?

For all official FIDE tournaments the length of the table is 110 cm (with 15% tolerance). The width is 85 cm (for each player at least 15 cm). The height of the table is 74 cm. The chairs should be comfortable for the players.


The standard chess board size in inches is 21” long x 21” wide x 0.75” thick. A chessboard of this size will fit comfortably for play on a variety of table surfaces. This design is also useful for storage when not in use. Once you know the standard chess board size, you can roll out like a champion in no time!