What Is Area Code 856?

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Area codes play a crucial role in telecommunications, defining regions and facilitating communication. Area code 856 holds its own significance within the United States, impacting telephonic connectivity. Let’s explore the details of Area Code 856.

What Is Area Code 856?

Area Code 856 is a North American telephone area code serving specific regions within the United States, connecting communities and businesses across designated geographic areas.

Geographical Coverage Of Area Code 856:

Area Code 856 primarily serves parts of southern New Jersey, encompassing various counties and cities within the state, delineating a specific telecommunication zone.

Location And Regions Covered By Area Code 856:

Area Code 856 covers several counties in southern New Jersey, including Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, Cumberland, Salem, and parts of Atlantic and Cape May counties.

Area Code 856 In The Usa: Its Position In Telecommunication:

Area Code 856 operates within the framework of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), designating a specific telephonic area for the efficient routing of calls.

Area Code 856 And Time Zone:

Regions under Area Code 856 typically fall within the Eastern Time Zone (ET), aligning with the standard time observed in this part of the United States.

Area Code 856 Vs. Other Codes:

While Area Code 856 is specific to southern New Jersey, neighboring areas like the 609 area code may border or overlap with some of the regions covered by 856.

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Country Code 856 Whatsapp And Telecommunication:

It’s essential to note that Area Code 856 is a North American area code within the United States and is distinct from international country codes, such as Country Code 856, which represents Laos.

Variants And Usage Of Area Code 856:

Variations such as +1(856) or 856-20 may appear in different telephonic formats but essentially pertain to calls within the designated area served by Area Code 856.

Historical Significance And Development Of Area Code 856:

Area Code 856 has been an integral part of southern New Jersey’s telecommunications infrastructure, evolving to meet the region’s changing communication needs over the years.


Area Code 856 acts as a vital telephonic identifier, delineating specific regions within southern New Jersey, fostering communication, and connectivity within its designated geographical boundaries.


What Cities Are Area Code 856?

Area code 856 covers: Cherry Hill, Camden, Millville, Vineland, and most of southwestern New Jersey. Its main city is Camden, New Jersey. If you head to Camden, you’ll be among the 71,791 residents of this area code’s biggest town. This area code touches 6 other codes.

Who Does 856 Belong To?

Laos Country Code 856 – Worldometer.

Where Is The 856 Area Code In Florida?

Where is area code 856? Area code 856 is located in southwestern New Jersey and covers Camden, Vineland, and Millville. It is the only area code that serves the area.

Is Area Code 856 Toll Free?

Is (856) Area Code a Toll-Free Number? No. The (856) Area Code is not a toll-free number.

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