The Essential Guide To Project Management Software: Your Project’s Best Friend

Project management software, or PM software, is like a trusty sidekick for anyone handling projects, big or small. Using this digital application, you can keep track of your project’s moving parts.   

  •  Plan   
  •  Organize   
  • Keep Track   

Project management software is your go-to aid for ensuring that projects are delivered successfully, from scheduling work and managing resources to communication and reporting.   

Why Is Project Management Software Important For Your Project?   

Here are some reasons why using Project Management Software is essential to making sure your project is successful  


Visualize having your project-related data arranged in a single, orderly location. To develop    

  • Project plans   
  • Schedules    
  • Task lists   
  • Resources   

Project Management software offers an organized framework. You might think of it as having a digital filing cabinet at your disposal.   

Task Management  

Project Management software helps break your project into smaller, manageable tasks. This software allows us to assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and monitor progress.   


Effective collaboration is critical to project success. Team members may easily collaborate using Project Management software because it frequently comes with communication capabilities, file sharing, and comment areas, like a virtual conference room for your project.   

Resource Allocation   

Balancing resources, such as people, time, and budget, can be a juggling act. With PM software, you can distribute resources effectively and maintain the direction of your project. It serves as your resource manager and guards against burnout and overbooking.   

Tracking Progress   

Project Management software keeps you informed about your project progress with real-time updates and progress-tracking features. It acts as a project’s GPS that guides you through and allows you to make necessary adjustments.   

Risk Management   

For a project to be successful, risks must be identified and managed. Risk assessment tools are available in many PM software alternatives, enabling you to address possible problems before they become obstacles. It resembles the insurance coverage for your project.   


Project Management software creates reports and graphs that lighten your project’s performance. It serves as the project’s narrator, assisting you in informing stakeholders about progress and outcomes.   

Top Seven Project Management Software   

Let’s begin by learning more about these software in depth.   

  • HighGear   
  • Planful software 
  • Makeshift  
  • ProWorkflow   
  • Flokzu   
  • Backlog   

HighGear: Making Work Easier   


HighGear is like a superhero for your projects. It helps you organize work without coding because it is created for average people, not computer professionals. It can handle anything from a simple task to a highly complex one. Additionally, it manages digital information and keeps tabs on corporate activity.   


It keeps your work safe with top-notch security. You can stick to the rules and budgets with its budget Management feature. It is excellent for keeping an eye on everyone’s progress.   


HighGear costs $59 a year per person. They offer four different plans, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best.   

  • Team   
  •  Department   
  •  Business   
  •  Global   

Analytical tools, project goal monitoring, project management, meeting tools, and a comprehensive professional roster with integrated OKR tracking are all included.    


HighGear might seem complex because it’s meant for big companies. It’s more about automating tasks than helping you plan projects. It’s not the best for managing daily tasks or team collaboration.   

Planful Software: Pioneer In Financial Closing 


Planful Software is a cloud-based solution that streamlines financial operations for organizations, enabling efficient planning and report generation. It is a pioneer in financial closing, consolidation, and planning and analysis, benefiting accounting firms and businesses worldwide.  Planful improves productivity and accuracy in the FP&A process. 


Planful software offers real-time financial reporting, marketing planning, and cash flow forecasting, enhancing efficiency and timesaving for businesses by optimizing customer cash flow and strategic planning. 


The official website of Planful does not provide information on the cost of their software. 


The report’s calculations necessitate the creation of a new template, which is not compatible with Mac Excel’s spotlight, making it challenging to set up.  
Zeda.Io: AI-Powered Tool 

Overview is a cloud-based AI-powered project management platform for businesses of all sizes, offering features like roadmap, AI, feedback capture, strategy, and OKRs. It supports various industries and teams. It allows users to collaborate, collect feedback, and manage data efficiently. 

Features offers a strategic planning roadmap, AI-generated feedback, centralized analysis, and tracking of OKRs, promoting accountability and motivation through visual appeal. 

Pricing provides creators with a pro plan starting at $99 per month, along with a custom option for personalized quotes. 


The development phase is still in its early stages, causing occasional functionalities to mature, but the support team promptly resolves these issues, aiming for a polished UI. 

Makeshift: Schedule Your Employees  


MakeShift is a mobile and web app for increasing cooperation and time tracking through smartphone viewing and swapping, for scheduling personnel in many sectors.  


A time-to-go feature for project management is provided by MakeShift software. Employees can approve shifts, provide payroll information, and clock in and out of their shifts using this tool. For improved team communication, real-time data, reporting, and business functionality are made simpler.  


MakeShift provides organizations with a cheap employee scheduling solution for $2.75 per user each month. Contact the vendor for a complete pricing schedule.  


Makeshift could benefit from a more convenient way to assign shifts, such as a “sticky note” with rationale for staff changes, and the ability to input recurring shifts and days off, similar to Google calendar, to simplify the process for a few users. 

ProWorkflow: Your Project Sidekick  


ProWorkflow was a downloadable tool, but now it’s an online superhero for project and task management. It’s got a global fan club and focuses on tracking time, tasks, and projects.   


It plays nicely with Microsoft Teams and Outlook and is mobile-friendly. They also have some customized templates for everyday tasks.   


The vendor offers two pricing plans, which start at $20 a month for the basic one and $30 for the advanced one.   


It doesn’t align with popular tools, missing features like visual maps and charts.   

Flokzu: Workflow Magic    


Flokzu is like magic for workflows. Even if you’re not a tech wizard, it helps you move information between different apps and makes tasks happen automatically.   


You can create reports and work with databases. It’s like a bridge to connect with many other online tools through Zapier. There’s also a notable practice version.   


You can try Flokzu for free for 14 days (about 2 weeks). After that, it’s $15 per person monthly for the standard version and $21 for the premium one. You’ll have to talk to them about the price if you need something special.   


Flokzu isn’t the best for planning and managing projects. It’s also missing good tools for team chatting, and there’s not much to work with regarding databases.   

Backlog: Your Project Organizer   


Backlog is the ultimate project, task, and issue organizer. It is designed by a company called Nulab. It works like your project’s personal assistant.   


It keeps everything in one place, connects with Slack and email, and helps you keep your documents neat.   


You can start using Backlog for free with up to 10 people and one project. Its paid plans start at $35 monthly for 30 people and five projects. This vendor offers bigger plans too, but you’ll need to ask them about the price.   


The backlog doesn’t integrate smoothly with other tools. And a few features like task connections can be tricky to see.   

How To Choose The Best Project Management Software   

Selecting the right project management software is a critical decision. Here’s a simple guide to help you make the best choice:   

  • Define Your Needs  
  • Ease of Use  
  • Collaboration Features  
  • Scalability  
  • Budget  
  • Integration  
  • Customer Support  
  • Trial Period  
  • User Reviews  

 Our Suggestion  

So, there you have it! These project management software options are here to make your work life easier. Choose the one that suits your needs, and you’ll be on your way to more organized and productive days. Happy project management!