What Is The Standard Towel Size?

You must know the standard towel size as towels come in a wide variety of sizes! There are countless towel options out there in terms of material, style, quality, size, and price point. Picking up the right towel size can be difficult when you aren’t sure about the size. In today’s post, I will discuss everything about the standard towel size in detail.

What Is The Standard Towel Size?

The standard towel size measures around 20 x 40 inches to 30 x 58 inches. Sometimes, it can also vary between 50 x 101 centimeters and 76 x 147 centimeters. You can easily wrap your entire body and hair after a shower with this standard-size bath towel

However, you can also invest in small bath towels or oversized bath towels. The small bath towel size is around 15 inches wide x 25 inches long. On the other hand, the oversized bath towel size is around 30 inches wide x 58 inches long. This size is ideal for adults if the standard towel size is too small.

Other Standard Towel Sizes

There are many sizes of towels available in the market. Let us first start with the standard beach towel size.

  1. Beach Towel 

A beach towel is a must for an outdoor beach vacation! It is made up of course material and won’t catch small pieces of dirt that easily. The standard-size beach towel measures around 31 inches wide x 63 inches long. Just like regular towels, beach towels don’t come in packs. However, a beach towel standard size can vary depending on the price and the brand.

Keep on reading further to know the standard hand towel size.

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  1. Hand Towel 

After bath towels, one of the most commonly used towels is the hand towel. Hand towels are often used for drying faces, in the bathroom, the kitchen, and the laundry rooms. The standard size of a hand towel is about 18 inches wide x 26 inches long. This size is convenient for doing many things which is why they are part of every bath towel set!

Note: The hand towel size in cm is about 182.88 cm x 262.16 cm.

  1. Washcloth

The washcloth is the smallest towel in the huge towel family! It measures only 12 inches x 12 inches or 13 inches x 13 inches. They are mostly used to wash and dry faces/hands in the shower. Usually you get washcloths in every bath set and kitchen set but you can purchase them individually.

  1. Fingertip Towel

The fingertip towel is a smaller version of a hand towel and is mostly used in a guest bathroom. It measures about 11 inches x 18 inches only. You can also use them for decorative purposes as they often come with extra embroidery. Many parents give fingertip towels to their children as they are easier to handle.

  1. Dish Towel

You must always keep a dish towel handy to dry dishes, hands, and wipe down counters. The standard dish towel size measures around  20 inches x 30 inches. This size is ideal enough to dry a full draining rack of dishes. You can also use it to lift hot pots and casseroles when triple-folded.

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What Is The Best Size Of Towel?

A bath towel generally measures 20×40 inches or 28×54 inches. This size is the most commonly bought towel size amongst all other options. As long as your bath towel completely wraps you around when you step out of the shower, it’s a good size for you.

What Size Is A Standard Towel In CM?

What are standard towel sizes? The main towel sizes in centimetres: Face towel size: 30cm x 30cm; Guest towel size: 30cm x 50cm. Hand towel size: 50cm x 100; Bath towel size: 70cm x 135cm; Bath sheet size: 100cm x 160cm.

What Is A Standard Set Of Towels?

A typical one will have a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth, and possibly a fingertip towel. It is not uncommon to see three or four piece towel sets, but a set could have six pieces or more or as few as two pieces. You can also build a towel set by purchasing matching pieces individually.

What Are The Three Types Of Towels?

The main types are bath sheets, bath towels, washcloths, hand towels, kitchen towels, gym towels, paper towels, beach towels, pet towels, face towels, hair towels, spa towels, and foot towels.

What Is The Exact Size Of Hotel Bath Towel?

It can come in the form of a 61cm by 107cm size or 76cm by 142cm. As a point of reference, most hotel bath towels measure 61cm by 107cm while luxury brands prefer to make bath towels in the larger dimension.

What Size Is Bath Towel Vs Beach Towel?

Dimension wise, bath towels usually range from about 70cm x 130 cm (27 inches X 52 inches) to 80cm x 150cm (30 inches X 58 inches) while your average beach towel is about 80cm X 160cm (about 31 inches X 63 inches).

What Is The Standard Towel Size UK?

Bathroom Towel Size Guide

A standard bath towel, perfect for drying off after a shower or bath, is 140 x 70cm while a typical bath sheet comes in slightly larger at around 160 x 90cm. And while a bath sheet offers full coverage, if you’re searching for smaller options, hand towels are 100 x 50cm.


20” x 40” and 30 x 58 inches is the perfect size when it comes to towels. You can also go for oversized bath towels which are 30 inches wide x 58 inches long. Just make sure you pick the right size which is neither too thick nor too big. After knowing the standard towel size, you can easily purchase a towel for yourself!

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