What Is The Standard Size Of Casket?

A casket is a container used to hold the remains of a deceased person for burial or cremation. Caskets come in different sizes, materials, and styles, but there are standard sizes that most casket manufacturers follow. In this blog, we will explore the standard sizes of caskets.

What Is The Standard Size Of Casket?

The most common standard size of a casket is 84 inches in length, 28 inches in width, and 23 inches in height. This size is referred to as a standard adult casket and is designed to accommodate the average adult body size. However, caskets can vary in size depending on the needs of the person or the family.

For example, an oversized casket, also known as a “double wide” or “king size” casket, is designed for people who weigh more than 300 pounds or are taller than 6′ 5″. These caskets typically measure 28-36 inches in width, 84-86 inches in length, and 23-27 inches in height.

On the other hand, a child-sized casket is much smaller, typically measuring 38-50 inches in length, 16-22 inches in width, and 12-18 inches in height. Infant caskets are even smaller, measuring around 24 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 6 inches in height.

Apart from the standard sizes, there are also specialty caskets, such as eco-friendly caskets made from biodegradable materials, which are becoming increasingly popular. These caskets are designed to minimize the impact on the environment and are often smaller in size to reflect the smaller environmental footprint.

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What Size Is An Oversized Casket?

Oversized caskets are designed, logically, for larger bodies that can’t fit in standard-size caskets. The average interior dimensions of oversized caskets are 83 inches long and 28 inches wide. An oversized casket of this size will still fit in a standard-sized burial vault.

What Is A Basic Coffin?

The basic coffin is used in all our essential and direct funerals. * This is a wood effect coffin with a matt finish and gold effect handles. It’s suitable for burial or cremation and is supplied with a simple white frill and gown.

What’s The Difference Between A Casket And A Coffin?

Coffins get tapered to conform to the shape of a human form. A coffin also has a removable lid while caskets have lids with hinges. Coffins are usually made out of wood and lined with cloth interiors. Unlike caskets, they do not have rails that make transportation easier.

Is There A Different Size Of Caskets?

Traditional coffins usually come in standard, child, and oversize options. Standard sizes typically range from 5’0 to 6’8 long and often have a width of 24” or more. If you need a coffin size that differs from the standard measurements most coffin suppliers will offer custom-made sizing depending on model and material.


In conclusion, the standard size of a casket is 84 inches in length, 28 inches in width, and 23 inches in height. However, caskets can vary in size depending on the needs of the person or family. Oversized caskets are available for those who require more space, while child-sized and infant caskets are smaller to accommodate the needs of younger individuals. Specialty caskets, such as eco-friendly options, are also available for those who want to minimize their environmental impact.


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