What Is The Standard Pallet Size?

What Is The Standard Pallet Size?

A pallet is widely used in transport. You must know the standard pallet size if you are planning to do bulk shipping. Today, I will tell you what is a standard wood pallet size used in the USA. Here, I have pallet sizes in inches, millimeters, metes, feet, and centimeters. You can keep on reading further to find your perfect standard pallet size for storage.

What Is The Standard Pallet Size

The standard pallet size is 48” x 40” used in the USA. Each wooden deck board is 3 ½ “ wide and 5/16” thick in size. There are different pallet sizes that are standard across different industries.

Other Common Standard Sizes For Pallets

A pallet’s standard size depends upon its uses. Below, I have given other common standard pallet size dimensions in inches and mm for you.

Standard Pallet Size in mmStandard Pallet Size in inches
1016 × 121940 × 48

1067 ×106742 × 42
1219 × 121948 × 48
1219 × 101648 × 40
1219 × 106748 × 42
1016 × 101640 × 40
1219 × 114348 × 45
1118 × 111844 × 44
914 × 91436 × 36
1219 × 91448 × 36

Standard Pallet Size And Weight Capacity

Any standard pallet’s height is about 4 ½ inches. Its top and bottom deck boards are ½ inches. While the stringers take up 3 ½ inches of the height. Therefore, the load capacity of the pallet depends on several factors. But the standard pallet can hold up to 4600 lbs.

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What Do Pallet Colors Mean?

A palette is a range of colors. It is also the board that artists use to hold and mix paint. Picture Picasso in his blue period: He is holding a palette on which you see a limited palette of blue tones. The meaning of the word palette has extended beyond actual colors to include figurative colors.

What Is A Standard 4 Way Pallet?

If a forklift or hand truck can get under a pallet on all four sides, then it is a 4-way pallet. Block pallets use blocks to support the deck, rather than stringers. Block pallets are also 4-way pallets because the tines of a forklift or hand truck can enter the pallet on all four sides.

Why Is A Pallet Blue?

Over the years, people have asked why CHEP pallets are blue? The answer is that CHEP paints its pallets blue. CHEP uses blue as a pallet color coding aid as well as a marketing advantage. The blue color makes its pallets easier to identify.

What Is A 48X40 Pallet?

The most popular and typically used size throughout North America is a 48″ x 40″ pallet, often referred to as a GMA pallet. “GMA pallets” refers to the Grocery Manufacturers Association specification developed to keep pallet dimensions consistent throughout the grocery wholesale distribution cycle.

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With the help of my above article, you got to know what is a standard pallet size. Any pallet’s standard size is 48” x 40”. Above, I have even given a pallet size chart in short. Once you find the perfect standard pallet size, you can ship your items hassle-free!

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