How To Find The Best Company For Car Shipping In Texas

Texas is known for its diverse landscape and sheer size and it can be difficult for people to move properties such as cars over the different terrains in the state. Road conditions differ with trails running through cosmopolitan cities to remote rural areas. These different landscapes therefore make it difficult for an uninformed/inexperienced individual to attempt transporting a car from one city to the other.

That being said therefore, the best option for anyone looking to move their vehicle to or from any of the cities or towns in Texas is auto transport service. These companies are set up to make moving vehicles across long distances as seamless as possible. However, there are factors to consider before choosing any auto shipping company to work with.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Auto Transport Company

We have established that the Lone State is massive and has diverse landscape with different road conditions. We have also established that the best option for transporting a vehicle from one city in the state to another is car shipping service.  Find below some factors to consider and things to do before choosing any company:

Carry out Thorough Research

The first thing you have to do when looking for the right people to work with in transporting your car is research. Search both online and offline for companies that offer this service but start out online then continue offline. When you get the desired information such as location, type of service rendered and rates online, you can take it a step further to check them out physically.

Consider Services Rendered

When carrying out research on auto transport companies, one thing to consider is the type of service they render and this include the method they use. There are 4 options to consider in this regard and they are enclosed carriers, open carriers, expedited delivery and door to door delivery.

Enclosed carrier entails using enclosed trailers or trucks to transport vehicles. This method provides an additional layer of protection for the vehicles that are being transported. The walls of the trailer ensure that the cargo is protected from road debris and the elements during transit.

This mode of transportation is costlier than the open carrier option but if you have a classic or high end car, it is worth the extra cost.

Open carriers on the other hand are trailers or trucks that do not have encompassing walls that are used to convey vehicles from one location to the other. These trailers may either be single or multi- level trailers. This means that the vehicles can be stacked on one level or two levels.

Open carriers are usually more readily available and also more cost effective; multi- levels are even more affordable. This is because these trailers are able to carry multiple vehicles at once thereby spreading the cost across many clients.

The only disadvantage of this means of transportation is that the vehicles are susceptible to damage from road debris and weather elements. This therefore means that they are not ideal for the transportation of high end vehicles.

With door to door delivery, the transporter picks up the vehicle from a designated pick up address   and drops it at the designated destination. With terminal to terminal on the other hand, the client gets to drop off the car at the pickup terminal and picks it up at the delivery terminal.

Check Credentials and Licenses

As you check out companies to work with, it is important that you ensure that they have the right credentials and license to operate. You do not want to engage the services of a fraudulent company. More so, working with a company that is duly certified and have the right license ensures that you can seek legal redress if anything goes wrong in the course of the transaction.

Additionally, find out the type of insurance that the company has in place and be sure that you are down with the insurance coverage provided.

Look out for Expertise and Experience

Be sure to look out for companies that employ only personnel with considerable expertise. They should also have experience in the auto transport industry. What this means is that the company must have been in existence for a good number of years. In those years, they will no doubt have forged useful networks and amassed a lot of experience in dealing with issues that come up in the course of transporting vehicles.

Carry out Comparison Shopping

It is very important to carry out comparison shopping when looking for the best option for shipping your car. This will help you check out as many options as possible and compare the services they have to offer. Different companies will of course charge different rates to ship a car to Texas but the lowest rate does not automatically translate to the best choice.

You need to compare the rates based on the services rendered; only then can you objectively determine which offer is the best for you.


Shipping a car to or from Texas can be hassle free; all you need to do is engage the services of professional auto transporters. We have shared some tips to help you in this regard. Bear them in mind and do not hesitate to consult with reputable moving companies before you make a final decision.