How to Create Effective Promotional Text Messages

The point of promotion is to raise awareness of what you have to offer and encourage people to buy it. As phones have become a ubiquitous element of modern living, text messages have become a great way for a business to promote itself. This article covers the best ways to approach this means of advertisement.

The Mobile Coupon

Our first type of promotional text messages are the mobile coupons. When four out of five smartphone users are making purchases with their mobile device over a 6-month period, it can pay dividends to text a discount to those devices. While simple, this approach is certainly effective for driving sales and there is little to get confused about when you simply tell the customer, potentially coding the promotion to reference them by their first name, that they can receive so much % off of purchases or receive a free gift with a certain promo code.

Traditional Advertisement

Every business hits its slow periods and it is during these times that you should give potential customers a reason to come to your store, either online or in person. When you realize that only 2% of texts go unread, text ads are extremely effective ways to encourage people to visit your business when it needs that business the most. Just remember to frame each interaction as a reason for checking out your businesses; mention how patrons can see the latest blockbuster or indie film if you run a theater, remind people that you sell the coolest drinks during the summer if you run a restaurant, and so on.

Announcements of New Products or Services

When you have launched a new product or service, it becomes a notable moment for your customers. Drive some momentum by sending out texts to those customers prior to, during, and immediately after that big release. Some people will want to check it out simply for the novelty, while others will be driven by a fear of missing out (FOMO). Given the temporal nature of a new launch, it is best to involve that limited availability in your promotional announcements.

Sales Alerts

Sales and clearance specials are always a time to get as much foot and web traffic coming to your businesses as possible. When choosing to sales alerts as text messages, be sure to mention which products or services are discounted, how long your customers can anticipate being able to enjoy those discounts and express the specific, optimal price points involved.

Now when it comes to larger-scale sales, like annual or semi-annual offerings, it may be best to give your customers advance notice. The more time your customers have to think about those big sales, the more likely they will be to act with their wallets and buy.

Holiday Promos

Online holiday shopping accounted for over $200 billion in the United States in 2022. This is certainly a staggering amount of money to be spending and one of the big reasons tends to be that holiday purchases equate to atypical shopping behaviors. Because the holidays are an incredibly “loud” time to market to people, text messages can slip through the cracks and get read more often than e-mails. If you really want to ensure that your holiday promos get read, photos greatly elevate your click-through chances.

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Flash Sales

These are promotions that linger for only a sliver of time, often focused on specific products or services. Flash sales tend to emphasize limited supply and they can be a great way to profit from things that have fallen out of season. Of course, the short-term nature can also tantalize traffic, sometimes from newcomers.

Texts are great for flash sales because of their rapid readability. Customers are almost always going to see that text promoting the sale and this makes flash sales exceptionally vital to any successful business.

The Final Message

There are many ways to handle a text promo to your customers. Whether you want to handle them as traditional advertisements, coupon proliferation, a way to let people know about new offerings, inform your base about new sales, remind customers about steep holiday discounts or exacerbate FOMO with short-term flash sales, you now know how best to market those texts.